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Windfall VR

Ready for motivation 2.0? Now your teams can experience our most inspiring reward anywhere, any time. Introducing Windfall VR, a virtual reality version of our legendary Warehouse Windfall experience.

Unreal experience. Real rewards.

Unreal Experience. Real Rewards

Meet Windfall VR – an immersive incentive award experience designed to motivate, inspire and reward your top performers. Our latest reward offering combines the best our Warehouse Windfall solution with all that VR has to offer in a one-of-a-kind experience.

How exactly does it work? We bring the technology to you and your team. Participants gear up and race the clock to digitally ‘grab’ as many awards as possible in a futuristic, virtual environment packed full of real merchandise. We’re talking the hottest electronics, sporting goods, luxe jewelry and handbags, kitchen appliances and more!

Cutting-edge technology and swoon-worthy merchandise only tell part of the story. Windfall VR offers a variety of benefits that make it a truly strategic incentive and reward solution:

  • Unforgettable. No one forgets being immersed in a futuristic, other-worldly shopping experience. It’s unlike anything they’ve seen before.
  • Buzzworthy. It takes a lot to wow people these days. Windfall VR brings the wow. They won’t believe their eyes.
  • Portable. Skip the expense of transporting your achievers. Windfall VR comes to you and your team.
  • Social. Windfall VR is shareable. Literally. Coworkers, executives, family members and friends can cheer participants in real time. The experience can even be live-streamed, replayed, and posted to social channels.
  • Aspirational. Even those who don’t qualify can witness the action in person or via a live stream. Now that’s motivation.
  • Flexible. Incorporate into a wide range of occasions and business purposes – think: national sales meetings, training or a new product launch.
  • Predictable. Personalized programming enables control of per-winner budgets so there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Customizable. Amp up the team pride by tailoring the virtual environment with your company’s logo and color scheme.

When it comes to reward programs, this one’s untouchable.

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