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The New Rules of Engagement

In business, the principle of reciprocity is alive and well. How you as a company treat your employees will come back to you — for better or for worse. Our groundbreaking strategies for employee engagement transform the way managers inspire, motivate and connect with their employees. 

The 12 New Rules of Employee Engagement

Strategies to inspire employee engagement and productivity.

Employee engagement has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of decades. The problem: most of the engagement approaches devised during the initial “boom” have never been updated.

The rules have changed.

Attention spans are shorter. Demand for instant gratification is higher. Your team accesses information on-demand, on-the-go and anticipates that communication will be equally fluid.

Our employee engagement strategies are grounded in behavioral economics and extensive field experience, thoroughly updated for today’s expectations.

The practice leaders at BI WORLDWIDE fielded pioneering research to identify the New Rules of Engagement℠. These discoveries are now the subject of a new book by a New York Times bestselling author, Rodd Wagner. Widgets: The 12 New Rules for Managing Your Employees As If They’re Real People is groundbreaking and it’s what we implement with our clients around the globe. Follow Rodd's latest thoughts on employee engagement on Forbes

We offer a full spectrum of employee engagement solutions, including strategy, measurement, analytics, learning solutions, leader and manager coaching and assessments. All of which are designed to increase engagement and happiness within your organization. 

About that instant gratification: the New Rules Index℠ self-assessment enables immediate feedback for your employees.

Let’s start making a change today.

Why are there "New Rules" of Employee Engagement?

Learn more about each of the New Rules of Engagement.

Let's work together to engage your world. 

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