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Spreading the word about your new product

Sep 18, 2014

Raising awareness of your new products among internal and external sales reps.


BI WORLDWIDE helped this telecommunications company increase the sales of three new services by engaging the company's sales reps.


A major technology company specialized in conference call solutions and was launching three new services. Each of the new services varied in price and profitability, so creating a promotion that motivated their sales force to increase new product sales became a major priority.


Rapidly increase new product sales by engaging the company’s inside and outside sales reps to sell the services to business customers.


BI WORLDWIDE developed a 90-day online sales incentive promotion utilizing the GoalQuest platform including a weighted point system assigning a variable point value to each new service sale. If they achieved their self-selected goal, they earned award points at the end of the promotion. To engage management, sales managers also earned award points for their reps that achieved their goal.

Goals were created so that the sales reps could sell any number of services in order to reach the required points, but would achieve their goal in fewer sales if they sold the more profitable services.




The client saw their profits for their new services increase substantially. For every dollar the company spent on this promotion, the company realized $68 in incremental gross profit.

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