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Customer Loyalty

Our programs can help you generate ways to grow your client base and sustain meaningful relationships with the people who make your brand a part of their daily lives.

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The Customer Lifecycle


    The acquire stage is critical to generate loyalty. It should be focused on driving awareness, consideration and trial.


    This stage is about getting a trier to become a buyer and, ideally, becoming a regular customer. That's when you will start developing your customer base.


    The retain stage solidifies and strengthens the relationship between a customer and your brand. Targeted, relevant communications and milestone recognition deepen the relationship with your customer base.


    This stage is the dream come true: your loyal customer is now your brand advocate, helping spread your message and your brand to potential new customers.

Customer loyalty is not an end game, it’s a repetitive cycle. Successful brands that have been able to build unwavering loyalty after turning a consumer into a customer have done so by building a customer-centric organization around everything they do. It isn’t about merely getting them in the door, but about engaging them throughout their entire lifecycle of interaction with your brand. It isn’t about only sustaining repeat customers, but about creating true brand advocates that will remain loyal customers over time.  

This is what we help you do. Our loyalty programs drive behavior change at every stage — from capturing initial attention, to generating a first purchase, to encouraging repeat trial and finally to turning them into your vocal brand advocate. We collaborate with you to design programs that go beyond punch cards, accumulated points or miles to simply drive repeat product purchases, and we focus instead on truly engaging your customers with the essence of your brand, and not only your products.

Partner with us to refresh and innovate your customer loyalty programs today!

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