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Sales Incentives and Channel Development

Incentivize, optimize and reward your sales channel partners to grow your brand equity and increase your market share.

Sales Incentives l BI WORLDWIDE

Our Approach to Channel Development

  • Onboard Customers - BI WORLDWIDE


    What strategies do you have in place to engage new reps from day one? Are they setting and working toward the right goals?

  • Train Sales Staff - BI WORLDWIDE


    Is your training creative? Targeted? Effective?

  • Reward Sales Performance - BI WORLDWIDE


    Are you rewarding middle performers (not just the top performers) for activities as well as improvement?

  • Retain Customers - BI WORLDWIDE


    Do you regularly recognize your team to keep them engaged?

What can we help you with?

Sales Force Training and Learning BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Channel Development

From onboarding to recurring training, our on-demand, audience-smart communications and eLearning online platforms deliver informational and training content to the right audience at the right time – efficiently and effectively. And by seamlessly integrating with our rewards platform, we can provide you with a flexible and scalable solution to fit your specific business needs.

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Incentive Programs and Ideas BI WORLDWIDE Latin America

Incentive Programs

Learning how to drive behavior and maintain focus is a science, and one that we at BI WORLDWIDE know well. Effectively recognize and reward your sales team and channel partners’ efforts and motivate them to consistently perform at their best by using our proven methodologies.

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Sales Travel Incentives and Meetings BI WORLDWIDE Latin America

Destination Meetings and Channel Events

Destination meetings, albeit logistically complex, are highly effective in getting your key messages across. They help create the necessary relationships and synergies with your intended audience to influence and change their behaviors; and, in turn, help you achieve desired business results. 

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