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What is the ideal motivation strategy for your sales team?

Sep 18, 2016


The most competitive companies have directed several different initiatives to generate greater motivation and achieve better performance in sales. Here's a case study where, through an incentive and rewards program, BI WORLDWIDE managed to generate excellent results for a large and respected software company.


A respected software company worked with Bl WORLDWIDE to unite all of its recognition activities. At the same time, effective incentives were needed to motivate the global sales force to improve performance.


Motivate the global sales force to drive incremental performance while simplifying all recognition activities. 


Bl WORLDWIDE implemented a global incentive program and designed quarterly and semiannual promotions to focus on key initiatives. In addition, sales management used discretionary budgets to reinforce important outcomes and drive results at a local level.



Promotions generated returns of 10.4 to 1 or more for the software company. And because of its success, Bl WORLDWIDE received a perfect overall customer satisfaction rating.

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