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A key to driving online engagement

Jun 18, 2015

How to make online engagement simple and accountable.

Drive and promote online engagement BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.


At BI WORLDWIDE, we use the principles of behavioral economics to create the best engagement strategies on the planet. We work with expert academics who advise us on the latest research on human behavior, engagement and decision-making. We use non-cash rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees and sales teams. Check out our case study library to see how our customized and results-driven solutions have helped clients all over the world.

There is rarely a client conversation today where I don’t hear that a client wants to drive more of their customers to some sort of an online engagement. As marketers, we already know that makes sense for a lot of reasons. But, the question remains, how?

We know that QR codes haven’t caught on in this country and gotten the job done. And, when you ask a customer to type in your URL to go to a landing page or micro site, the response is minimal at best. So what’s the “key” to driving customers to an online engagement? Well, it literally is a key…a web key. We are breaking new ground for our clients with the “Connect to Web” technology with open rates 30 to 40 times that of traditional direct mail response (see

This all started in Europe about three years ago when the pharmaceutical industry was struggling to get the time and attention of busy physicians. The web key gave the pharma companies a tool that physicians could use to review the product or technology on their own when they had the time to fit it in their busy schedule. The web key was unique, hard to overlook or toss, appeared high-tech and yet was so simple to use. All a recipient had to do was plug it into his or her computer and the pre-set URL for a landing page or micro site instantly loaded.

The whole “Connect To Web” experience can be tracked and measured. Web keys can be tied to customer or prospect data files so you know exactly who did what and when on your site or landing page. It’s online engagement made simple and accountable.

The uses of this “Connect To Web” technology are numerous—direct mail, magazine inserts, handouts at trade shows or events, a replacement to sales collateral, a replacement or supplement to an owner’s manual where a high tech, high value product needs learning or instruction to operate, or at the point of sale for retailers or dealers who don’t have the time to detail a product or service.

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