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Look Up: 9 Inspiring Adventures in the Sky

Written by: Mary MacGregor
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Reward top performers and sales force with trips BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.


At BI WORLDWIDE, we use the principles of behavioral economics to create the best engagement strategies on the planet. We work with expert academics who advise us on the latest research on human behavior, engagement and decision-making. We use non-cash rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees and sales teams. Check out our case study library to see how our customized and results-driven solutions have helped clients all over the world.

The principles of behavioral economics reinforce that award travel is most successful when it delivers a memorable, authentic experience and is relived in pictures, stories and mementos shared with friends and colleagues. If an itinerary really connects with its audience, travelers don’t just post their snapshots on Facebook; they display their favorite as their cover photo. They don’t just bring home souvenirs; they flaunt them. And they talk about the experience at every opportunity.

Our travel experts recommend these top itineraries for top performers:

1. Change their point of view. 

The Pudong district in the glittering city of Shanghai is famed for one of the most beautiful nighttime skylines in the world. The best views can be found at the Rooftop Sky Bar at the House of Roosevelt. The Sky Bar — with its worldclass chefs and the House of Roosevelt wine cellar, the largest in Shanghai — is a sophisticated and spectacular location for a first-night reception.

2. Send them to new heights. 

To make your top achievers feel truly extraordinary, celebrate their accomplishments with a gala atop one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Sections of the Great Wall of China can accommodate welcome receptions or award gala dinners. This once-in-a-lifetime setting surrounds your audience with breathtaking mountain views and a profound sense of history. Travelers will return home with a lifetime of stories and memories.

3. Take them out of their comfort zone. 

The Grand Canyon Skywalkis a breathtaking experience that your travelers will remember and talk about for years to come. Extending 70 feet from the canyon wall at an elevation of 4,770 feet, the Skywalk is the most popular attraction at Grand Canyon West.

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Mary MacGregor

Mary MacGregor

Vice President
Event Solutions

Mary MacGregor joined BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) in January of 2013 as Corporate Vice President – Event Solutions and is responsible for all operating areas of the BIW Event Solutions Group including purchasing, design, delivery, group air, individual incentive travel, on site operations, technology, communications and merchandise. She leads a team of over 175 industry professionals who deliver memorable experiences and measurable results for their customers.