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Gamification: Block Unlock®

Block Unlock is our patent pending gamified system to help drive customer lifecycle progression and effect behavior change.

Gamification solutions Block Unlock BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Connect with your customers in a new innovative way – tell them what to do.

Our Block Unlock module is all about finding ways to make customers interact with your brand using the principles of gamification. It’s sort of like a board game with sequential tasks designed to drive the completion of certain activities in a predetermined order. In essence, you are telling participants what to do next – again, and again until they achieve the end-result you want, using an entertaining and fun interface, and while they are collecting rewards along the way.

The possibilities are endless: encourage customers to use mobile payment or to complete a survey, write reviews on products or services, schedule a service appointment, etc. It’s refreshing and innovative for them because it’s a game. It’s also voluntary, so they don’t feel obligated to do it; they do it because it’s fun! The benefit to your brand is even better, as you raise the level of personal interaction with your products and services in an engaging and dynamic way.

Block Unlock is offered standalone or as a module within some of our other platforms. The scalable technology at the core of the module accommodates client-specific configuration and customization critical to maximizing audience engagement and results.

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