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Experiential Marketing

Help consumers identify with your products or services by weaving their benefits into their daily lives. Make them feel a part of your world by interacting with them constantly and in ways they are familiar with – online and offline. The results can be interesting.


Experiential marketing BIW Latin America.

Let’s create a brand experience around your marketing message

In today’s always-connected world, it is increasingly difficult to successfully cut through all the “noise” of informational overload and get the undivided attention of your target consumers. More importantly, differentiating your message from your competitors’ has become overly complex and extremely challenging.

Effective marketing is becoming the exception, instead of the norm. How do you compete and set your brand, products and services apart from the rest? We think experiential marketing is a solid option.

Based on consumer research around the proven principles of Behavioral Economics, we know most decisions are made based on emotion and not necessarily on reason. We design our experiential marketing programs to grab attention and connect with consumers at that emotional level to drive brand awareness, communicate your key messages and help you turn them into loyal customers.

We follow global trends of this constantly changing consumer market and we adapt and adjust our methodologies to derive maximum impact by creating memorable interactive experiences around your brand. Whether at the point of sale, at an unexpected pop-up store, in the street or even online, we are always working on fresh and innovative ways to make the consumer experience with your products and services more personalized and connected to their lives.

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