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Learn more about our firm's rich heritage, its mission to produce measurable results and its presence around the globe.

We have you covered across the globe

With BI WORLDWIDE, you can harness resources to motivate your employees and channel partners in 100+ countries and 20+ languages. For more than 60 years, BIW has been helping Global 2000 clients achieve their business goals.

We have what it takes to engage people on a global scale — it takes talking to people on a personal level, in their language, using familiar imagery and relevant content. It’s the nuances that make a global initiative work.

BI WORLDWIDE China serves Asia Pacific with its corporate office located in Shanghai, China and a commercial office in Singapore. We are celebrating 12 years in China, having operated our first commercial event in 2003. BIWC is one of seven operating units of its parent, BI WORLDWIDE. Our Shanghai, China unit has the local capabilities and connections to service the ever-expanding Asia-Pacific marketplace and can extend the outreach of its solutions sets across a global footprint by tapping into BIW's operations in Australia, Canada, India, Latin America, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

BIW China offers solutions to engage people around the world. We help you translate your strategic goals into actionable programs that influence perceptions, change behavior, motivate performance and deliver measurable results.