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Employee Engagement

Let's find the best strategy to recognize your team and encourage them to love what they do and the brand they do it for.

BI WORLDWIDE Employee Engagement

The rules of engagement have changed.

  • Reinforce Behaviors

    Reinforce behaviors that align with your organization’s mission, vision and values. Recognize frequently and informally by peers and managers alike. Doing so will prompt your employees to do their best on a daily basis and create an environment of possibilities.

  • Recognize Accomplishments

    Recognize accomplishments as they are achieved on an ongoing basis. Providing managers with discretionary reward budgets allows them to reinforce behaviors that are important to their line of business. Wellness, safety, cost savings and other engagement strategies focus on accomplishments. These strategies typically run 30 to 90 days as they require more time and effort for the accomplishment to be achieved. 

  • Reward Results

    Reward significant contributions and achievements through long-term recognition strategies. Although only a select few attain these honors, the very existence of such standards elevates the performance of the entire target audience and establishes role models for all to emulate.

Our staff at BI WORLDWIDE China helps you understand what motivates and engages your employees. Our global employee recognition and reward solutions include employee-to-employee recognition, manager awards, service anniversary and retirement awards, off-line recognition, incentives and contests, team-based rewards, new-hire referral programs, nomination systems, idea/suggestion programs, and wellness programs. What's more, our web-based platforms have expanded to include social media and gamification applications.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years. Four generations of employees in the workforce. A proliferation of social media with a 24 x 7 virtual connection to the job.

The rules of engagement have changed.

With all the disruptions that have occurred since most employee engagement approaches were devised, what worked before simply doesn’t work anymore. Grounded in the behavioral economics that made us the highest-ranked provider of global recognition solutions, BI WORLDWIDE takes a fresh look at all the evidence as it fielded its own pioneering research to determine the New Rules of Engagement, the 12 imperatives for any organization that intends to succeed through its employees’ best work. Follow the New Rules and your people will reciprocate with the intensity that creates a substantial competitive advantage.

BI WORLDWIDE brings a unique combination of thought leadership, social science, adaptation to our client's unique circumstances, and the ability to execute employee engagement strategies and tactics.

The central premise of the New Rules is that employees strongly reciprocate in the quality of their work the degree to which the company supports and energizes them. In this way, engagement is much like a boomerang, returning to the company good for good...and bad for bad.

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