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Employee Awards

A loyal, productive team member is valuable beyond measure. Our employee award solutions give businesses innovative, meaningful ways to recognize the employees who’ve invested their time and talent in moving the business forward.

For when "thank you" just isn’t enough.

Employee award programs accomplish much more than recognizing an individual for his or her tenure with the company. Done right, an employee awards program sends a strong message to the entire organization: loyalty matters here.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we create customized employee award programs that speak directly to your audience.

What sets them apart? We personalize the experience every step of the way, making sure each employee is recognized and celebrated for their own unique contributions. And our world-class, global technology platforms elevate the way you recognize and reward your team members around the world.

This personalized employee anniversary experience consists of a recognition website created specifically for an individual employee. Co-workers, managers, family and friends can post comments, photos and videos to recognize and celebrate the employee's special occasion.

The celebration can be taken one step further, with each employee receiving their own MyPages book - a printed version of the comments and photos contributed to celebrate their employee anniversary. 

This collective approach to recognition amplifies the experience for each employee and creates a meaningful, rewarding celebration of their accomplishments. 

Milestone Experience (ME!) is a groundbreaking employee anniversary award program, and it’s the most sophisticated and flexible application of its kind. ME! features responsive design, manager involvement tools, advanced analytics, customized branding and full-service awards fulfillment.

These state-of-the-art features are important but let’s be clear: the only thing that really matters is how recipients feel when they are recognized through ME!. We hear time and time again that this caliber of appreciation is profoundly impactful. Users feel authentically, personally valued. And that makes a difference.

ME! is an incredibly intuitive platform, but you still don’t have to figure it out on your own. We’ll be with you at every milestone along the way.

When it comes to selecting employee awards, our service and selection are beyond compare. In addition to the largest collection of brand-name merchandise in the rewards industry, we source enticing, culturally relevant products from around the globe. That means that whether your team is all in-house or 10,000 miles away, they’ll know that what they do for the company matters.

Let’s show your team members how much their loyalty means to you.

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