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Luxury Automotive Total Rewards Performance Platform

This luxury automotive manufacturer experienced rapid growth in Mainland China and desired a repeatable incentive program that could be utilized as new dealerships are on-boarded.

Motivate Sales Reps to Increase Sales 


Provide rewards that reinforce the luxury brand’s values, service standards and positioning in the Chinese market.


BI WORLDWIDE China designed and implemented a turnkey performance platform to drive individual behaviors for 100+ Mainland China dealerships involving 1,500 participants. This is a single log-in driven performance portal, measuring personal achievement against objective. It incorporates an integrated annual recognition program targeting individual behaviors throughout the dealership hierarchy. The performance center uses multiple communication channels to ensure dealership staff remains focused on the program and its objectives.


  • The performance platform is achieving the mindshare goals of the OEM with more than 94% of the eligible employees actively participating in the programs.
  • In addition, the sales consultants have claimed more than 77% of the vehicle sales.