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Measurement and Analytics

Let's uncover ways to link sales incentive performance to your business outcomes and results.

Measure Employee Engagement

What gets measured gets managed.

Today, more than ever, we are compelled to measure the results of our incentive programs versus the intended goals and objectives. The mission of our company is founded on the principle of measuring results. In doing so, we are able to determine the relative success of the campaign and continuously improve future incentive activities.

When designing programs on your behalf, BIW's Analytics & Insights team will look to the following methodologies:

  • Test versus control analyses, which compares the performance of BIW’s incentive programs to other incentive programs (or business as usual).
  • Analytic modeling to determine the interaction between key performance metrics that drive revenue growth.
  • Comparing the Return on Investment provided by individual incentive programs over time, and in various types of sales channels.

Many of our core products and platforms have built-in reporting mechanisms and dashboards. These tools provide for ongoing measurement and trend reporting.

In addition, our staff establishes periodic program updates and program-end wrap-ups to review the operational, business-impact, and financial results with you.

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