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Sales Incentives

See how well-constructed incentive campaigns keep your sales team focused on the goal.

Money isn't everything!

Your sales force compensation plans can only drive sales results so far. And extending rebates and promotional discounts further erode your profit margins and can be easily matched by your competitors.

Plus, it’s hard to change it up when you need to most. Leading sales managers use engagement tactics like creative communications, practical learning tools, progress reporting and data visualization, plus incentives and top-achiever recognition to focus their teams during critical times.

And they do it on fast-moving, easy-to-access technology platforms that are exciting and engaging. Correctly designed incentive programs produce the best return on investment because they are usually short-term in nature and attention-getting. They also encourage goal-setting and reward your team for moving in the right direction and incremental revenue improvements that ultimately affect your bottom line. Annual, top-performer programs recognize the very best achievers and provide the rest of the sales organization with role models for whom to emulate.