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Incentive Programs

Let us help you motivate your sales force to perform the way you need them to. Our points-based online rewards programs and platform offer a full array of inspirational merchandise awards, as well as do-it-yourself travel choices to appeal to a broad audience and help you drive and change pertinent business behaviors in your sales channels.

Incentive Programs and Ideas BI WORLDWIDE Latin America

The carrot vs. the stick approach – what works?

Personal motivation is the reason why people behave certain way. Understanding someone’s motivation is key to understanding their ensuing behavior, based on human emotion, needs and desires. At BI WORLDWIDE, we like the carrot approach. We use the science of Behavioral Economics to help us understand human motivation to design innovative incentive programs that help drive pertinent behaviors that will maximize your business results.

Of course, finding what motivates people and creating engagement and personal commitment is not an easy job, but it is something we have been doing for decades; and we have a solid track record of providing consistent and measurable business results to Global 2000 clients and their sales channels.

Explore our solutions and see how we can help your organization drive the business behaviors you need from your channel to improve performance and grow your business in the region.

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