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10 reasons to recognize an employee

Sep 26, 2017



Everyone likes to be noticed! Recognition and rewards help people feel good about what they are doing and things they have accomplished. Known to behavioral economists as the dopamine effect, recognizing employees will keep them focused, directed and willing to repeat the behaviors they were recognized for.

Here are ten reasons why recognition works:


It shows employees that you appreciate and value them. Sincere, timely recognition given face-to-face or in writing is a gift that employees are thankful for and often cite as a key reason for being engaged.


It empowers you to promote what you value on your team. Public recognition reinforces the key behaviors and attitudes you want to foster within your group.


It sets standards of performance for everyone to aspire to. Recognition is a positive way to communicate what you expect from all employees and that you are willing to publicly celebrate those who meet your expectations.


It helps reduce turnover and retain top talent. It’s been said that employees don’t quit a company – they quit a boss. Giving consistent, positive and timely recognition helps employees be more loyal to you.

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