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Workplace empathy: building a happy and supportive workplace

Oct 17, 2017

The workplace climate is a driving force in how employees engage in their daily activities. So, find out why this is so important to generate empathy in the workplace.

For a business to be truly successful and sustainable, it must have a positive and united team consisting of co-workers who feel respected, valued and motivated to do their best on behalf of their employer. It must also have subordinates who hold their superiors in high-esteem, and who consistently work hard to help and please them.

How do companies create such a positive and productive team? The answer is workplace empathy.

What is workplace empathy?

Empathy – the ability to understand and relate to the thoughts and experiences of others, or step into another’s shoes – is a key ingredient when it comes to ensuring your workplace runs at its best.

Showing empathy in the workplace demonstrates a critical amount of respect for others, which is highly effective in creating a team culture that encourages productivity, boosts morale and ensures employees feel well looked after. When employees deal with an empathetic team leader or manager, they feel safe, encouraged and motivated. It is ultimately these feelings that inspire employees to consistently produce their best work.

What characteristics distinguish someone as empathetic?

Whether (or not) you are considered empathetic depends on three keys elements:

  • How well you listen to others;
  • How open and honest you are with others; and
  • Your ability to understand the thoughts, feelings and experiences of others.

Generally speaking, a person is considered empathetic if they value others – that is they value what others say, how others feel, and what others do. They listen attentively and try to understand where others are coming from. Furthermore, they interact in an open and honest manner, demonstrating a genuine desire to connect and develop a strong level of understanding between themselves and the relevant parties.

The role of empathy in the workplace

The responsibility of creating a positive and productive team culture in the workplace lies heavily with the managerial team members. Empathetic leaders try to connect with their team, building a sense of trust, openness and understanding that makes employees feel appreciated, valued, heard, recognised and cared for. When a leader makes his or her subordinates feel this way, the team is strong and united – and that is when truly great things happen at work!

Is empathy lacking in your workplace?

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