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Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty programs can be a powerful customer retention tool. The trouble is that most programs today have a “set-it-and-forget-it” structure. They take a passive approach to retention and, for the most part, are dull and cumbersome to interact with. We can help you change that!

Loyalty Marketing BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Your customers have a new perspective, and so should you…

Loyalty marketing is not a new concept; it’s been around for a while and it has been shown to work. What has changed, however, are your customers’ expectations. They want to be wooed and catered to right at the start. They now expect a “total brand experience” around an entire ecosystem of products and services relevant to them and their lifestyle – from initial contact all the way through the purchase, and even beyond that. 

Traditional programs target customers that are already your customers. They worked based on the principles that repeat customers are easier to get and to maintain than new customers are to acquire. Well, sure; but, that shouldn’t be where all your efforts are allocated.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we help clients make a bold leap in loyalty marketing. We start with a strategic approach that reframes loyalty as customer lifecycle optimization. A continuous process of creating awareness, maintaining engagement and ultimately fostering long-term loyalty to encourage repeat purchases.

To this end, we apply our expertise in channel-development and rely on the science of Behavioral Economics to design loyalty programs that deliver measurable results and improve customer satisfaction and retention. We help you turn customers into vocal advocates, loyal brand ambassadors who gladly make your products and services part of their daily lives.

Ultimately, we believe that customer loyalty begins upon that very first brand impression, with that first message to a consumer that plants the seed for a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. We believe this is how you pave the way for lasting customer loyalty and your brand’s continued growth.

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