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Loyalty Rewards

From traditional merchandise, catalogs to company-branded products and much more, our loyalty rewards solutions offer a wide array of options. More important, however, is the difference in how we go about it.

Loyalty Rewards BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Constant interaction - a new approach to customer loyalty rewards

“Set-it-and-forget-it” loyalty programs no longer work. In today’s always-connected world customers are becoming more selective about what they want, and more demanding in what they expect from a brand, beyond a great product and solid customer service.

The more successful brands out there today have effectively figured out the best ways of connecting with their customers at an emotional level, and of building lasting relationships through constant interaction around their wants and needs. 

Our Loyalty Rewards solutions take a similar approach in that we do not design programs based solely around a merchandise catalog. Our focus is on creating a dynamic and interactive program and platform to help you build long-term relationships with your customers, and help your brand become an active part of their lives. We use methodologies underpinned by the science of Behavioral Economics to maintain your customers well informed, constantly engaged and excited about your loyalty program - from using gamification theories to inject some fun into things, to creating innovative and useful promotional items and even running exciting sweepstakes.

Of course, our customer loyalty solutions also include traditional rewards like local and regional brand-name merchandise catalogs, a do-it-yourself-travel component and other products and services relevant to your customers’ lifestyles and preferences.

Let us help you create and nurture lasting relationships with your customers via our interactive, multi-touch Customer Loyalty Rewards programs.

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