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Sweepstakes Programs

The reason why Sweepstakes Programs are popular is… because they work! Let us leverage our decades of experience designing successful loyalty programs, and create a new dimension of interaction with your existing customer base, or the public at large.

Sweepstakes programs customers BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Generating exponential awareness for your brand while interacting with customers

People seem to really like sweepstakes; the idea of involving “lady luck” and winning something by chance is appealing to most. If designed strategically and deployed at the right time, an integrated sweepstakes component can exponentially enhance the desired results of your loyalty program. Add a sound communications and well thought-out, multi-platform social media plan to the mix and you have a winning formula!

Sweepstakes can create exponential awareness of your brand, help you interact and connect with existing customers and attract new ones, even build emotional connections with your brand through aspirational rewards specific to each country in Latin America. The possibilities are many! Let’s collaborate to enhance your existing local or regional loyalty program, or design a brand-new custom program for your brand.

From the strategic planning to the fine print, and everything in between, BI WORLDWIDE can help you leverage this powerful element and turn it into one of your differentiators in the marketplace. Are you feeling lucky?

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