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Manager Communications

Success rides on a manager’s ability to tell their teams what to expect and why it’s important. We offer proven strategies and support to help you send the right message.

Manager Communications and training BI WORLDWIDE Latin America.

Helping your managers manage…

Whether you’re deploying an employee recognition program, a sales incentive or something else entirely, there’s one common thread: managers. Managers bring initiatives to life; their level of understanding and engagement with your program will ultimately determine if employees get on board too.

This is why we partner with you to help your managers execute effective communication plans via these proven methodologies:

Plan – develop a pre-launch communications plan, and share it with your managers. Ask for their input.

Tell them why it’s important, and what’s in it for them and their teams. Communicate to employees prior to launch.

Communicate – develop and implement a comprehensive and ongoing communications plan during your program’s duration with frequent tactical messages to market your program internally through multiple platforms.

Engage – educate and equip managers with the tools they need to communicate effectively and help maximize program results.

After all, knowledgeable and empowered managers are key to a successful initiative.

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