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Recognition and Rewards

Let’s collaborate to create employee engagement and increase their productivity by first understanding what motivates them.


Employee Recognition and Rewards BI WORLDWIDE Latin America

Take advantage of our best-in-class integrated recognition and reward solutions.

Wall plaques, inscribed pens and “gold” watches are out! Breathe a little 21st century into your employee recognition and rewards program with BI WORLDWIDE’s tried-and-true integrated solutions and technology platforms.

Based on the scientific principles of Behavioral Economics, we have designed an engaging and highly interactive recognition platform we proudly call G5. Our solution not only takes into account the science of human behavior and decision making, but also some of the new elements that we know are important to your employees today.

Constant social interaction within and about the work environment, manager discretionary rewards, peer-to-peer recognition, head-to-head games and contests, public display and recognition of achievements for all to see and rewards that they get to choose themselves… these are but some of the elements that make our G5 platform powerful, effective and game changing.

Integrated with some of our other recognition solutions, like service anniversary awards, as a key component of the strategic design of your broader incentives initiatives, our G5 platform can truly “change the game” for your organization by helping you build and establish a culture of motivation, recognition and top performance. In real time, and in-context for your multi-generational employee base.

Let’s collaborate to build the best custom solution for your organization and make your recognition and rewards programs effective, impactful and most importantly – relevant!

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