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Engagement Strategies

Let's think more broadly before we dive right into the tactics of employee recognition.

Our Strategic Approach to Employee Motivation & Engagement

Employee motivation and engagement is not a program or a system, it is a way of doing business. Our approach is to use the principles of behavioral economics and The New Rules of Engagement to design solutions that will truly drive and sustain the motivation of all employees. BI WORLDWIDEʼs strategy is based on 12 crucial aspects of the “unwritten social contract” between workers and their companies. These imperatives – The New Rules of Engagement – are based on broad patterns that emerge from decades of work into employee psychology.

While BIW has a strong point of view regarding employee motivation and engagement, we believe clients are poorly served by one-size-fits-all approaches. Employee motivation plays out very differently in various organizations, industries and parts of the world. The types of “discretionary effort” integral to the future of the company differ from firm to firm. Questions that are predictive of high sales at a retailer are not the most predictive of patient outcomes in a health care organization or of safety in an industrial environment. When working on behalf of a client, we adapt the survey methodology to the unique needs of that organization.

We incorporate into the design variables for which we have normative data sets. This helps the client’s leadership team understand its relative strengths and weaknesses, but all survey variables, whether normative or specific to the client, are validated based on that organization’s unique performance metrics.

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