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BI WORLDWIDE acquires Bunchball

Apr 02, 2018 Minneapolis, MN

This acquisition will strengthen BIW's next generation gamification technology.

BI WORLDWIDE (BIW), announced today its acquisition of Bunchball, a market leader and innovator in gamification solutions. With both companies focusing on delivering measurable results at the core of their solutions, customers will benefit from the expanded and innovative offerings designed to drive behavior change. 

Gary Hansen, COO, BI WORLDWIDE, shared, “We are excited to join forces with the successful team at Bunchball, the company that founded the gamification industry. By integrating their proven, patented gamification technology with our existing employee, sales and channel solutions, we will bring unmatched flexibility to the market.” 

The Bunchball suite of solutions starts with data-driven guidance to motivate sales teams, enhance the channel strategy and boost employee collaboration. Powered by game mechanics, companies have found success by recognizing and rewarding employees and partners when they engage in high-value activities that have a bottom-line impact. This includes visual feedback such as progress bars, badging, team points and leader boards as well as learning challenges, sales competitions and social activity. People are generally inspired by competition, both individual and team. Bunchball’s applications tap into this human element to deliver a positive ROI.

“Today's announcement creates the industry's first comprehensive suite of motivation, engagement and performance solutions," said Joe Fisher, CEO of  Bunchball. “Companies will now have a sustainable and proven way to drive performance while creating an ideal, productive experience for sales teams, channel partners and employees. Together, our companies are uniquely positioned to help large enterprises drive action, gain deep insights and achieve strong business results. The team at Bunchball couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey as part of BI WORLDWIDE.”


At BI WORLDWIDE, we inspire people and deliver measurable business results. Inspired employees solve problems and create value. Inspired salespeople take risks and seize opportunity. And inspired channel partners and customers choose your brand every time. We work with great companies around the globe who know that extraordinary results can only be achieved when their business is energized by the people who make it happen.

About Bunchball

Bunchball combines behavioral economics, big data and gamification to inspire loyalty that lasts. Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia launched the gamification industry in 2007 with the introduction of Bunchball Nitro, the first technology platform to integrate game mechanics into non-game digital experiences. Since then, millions of people have completed more than five billion challenges powered by Bunchball. Bunchball has proven that effective gamification can create measurable ROI and real business value.