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Our regularly scheduled webinars cover a range of helpful topics. From employee engagement to customer loyalty, sales performance to channel incentives - we inspire the people who matter most to your business.

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The 2023 New Rules of Engagement Global Research Webinar

Learn how to build a great company culture based on the latest global research from BI WORLDWIDE’s Amy Stern, Managing Director of Research and Strategy, and Mark Hirschfeld, Vice President of Consulting and Strategic Partnerships.

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Ignite and inspire: Fuel the fire in your sales and channel organization

Watch this webinar to learn how four executive leaders motivate all levels of performers with behavior change strategies, build trust and loyalty with channel partners, overcome headwinds to deliver strong results and energize and inspire beyond compensation.


From day one...

Watch this webinar to learn how Ardent Mills is transforming their onboarding and everyday journey for employees to drive engagement and retention.

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From reactive to strategic: 3 things to focus on when implementing sales incentives

When it comes to sales incentives, it’s not enough to just have them – they need to be strategic, focused and inspirational to the specific needs of your sales audience. Watch this webinar to learn 3 key things to focus on when implementing a best-in-class incentive program.


Celebrating moments that matter

Watch this webinar to learn how IBM has revolutionized its recognition offerings to consider the whole employee. From personal to professional achievements, IBM Celebrations utilizes technology to socialize key milestones in an employee’s life.


What's next for work

Learn about four key trends that are emerging and strategies to address them, including an environmental scan of the current situation, the new currencies of work, the intersection of the employee experience and well-being and a forecast for the future of work in 2023.


Distance learning redefined

In this webinar, Yolanda White, Operations Training Manager at Roche, sits down with Kyle Groves, BIW Director of Business Development and Learning Strategy to discuss Roche's reinvented L&D program and its sustained success.


How recognition impacts employee retention

In this webinar, Carita Hibben details how C.H. Robinson uses recognition to drive employee retention in their organization.


The future of channel engagement

In this webinar, Jon Kraus lays out the future of engaging, training and inspiring channel employees.


Inspiration at work: How IBM recognizes their employees

What types of rewards elicit the highest response from employees? What drives them to join a company, work hard and stay for years to come? What core reward principles stand the test of time while allowing for flexibility when business or market conditions change?


Is cash king?

In this webinar, Prof. George John, Ph.D details his research into the most effective way to motivate salespeople and drive results.


Beyond engagement: How Change Healthcare inspires their employees

At Change Healthcare, they have a goal to help each employee find their inspiration. In addition to offering career paths that make a difference in transforming healthcare, they have created a robust strategy to recognize and reward the contributions employees make. Watch this webinar to learn how this organization of over 14,000 employees has successfully encouraged a culture of collaboration, recognition, wellness and a focus on specific initiatives to drive results.


Motivating salespeople to achieve growth: What really works?

In this webinar, Dr. Mike Ahearne outlines best practice approaches used by companies who have evolved beyond their one-size-fits-all incentive schemes.


Changing the conversation: A new formula for sales training and enablement

Listen to an in-depth conversation with Matt Sample, Senior Director of Learning and Development at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, as he shares how they have transformed learning and development for their sales team to stay ahead of the competition, defend and earn market share and cultivate customer loyalty.


The future of work: Culture strategies for 2022

With emerging trends such as the Great Resignation, hybrid and remote work, and a heightened focus on wellness and mental health, how you lead and communicate may feel and look very different over the next few months. What has become clear, however, is that culture — and how you build culture intentionally — will be the differentiator.


Goals, games and gamification

Gamification is no secret to the business world, but how do you use it to motivate and engage people in effective and measurable ways? The answer: goal setting. Goals are the foundation of what we do. By defining your goals, you can discover how to best leverage game mechanics to achieve results.


Total sales compensation framework

Compensation, incentives and total rewards… there are more tools for rewarding your salespeople than ever. Which ones work? How do you know which ones to use? And most importantly, how do you measure their return on investment? In this webinar, we’ll share what really motivates people and drives results.


The Google Nest approach to channel loyalty

Capturing mindshare, changing behavior and driving results within your channel audience isn't always easy. Loyalty programs are a great way to retain customers and build brand affinity. They create a competitive advantage that sets your brand apart and fosters increased profitability. Most businesses incorporate some kind of rewards program for their channel customers – but are they achieving the desired results?


The path to growing diversity and inclusion in your organization

While there is no silver bullet for creating a more socially just organization, there are clear steps we can take as leaders to grow and improve. So how do you go from making a commitment to diversity and inclusion to actively making a difference in your organization?


The return of live events and incentive travel

Every industry has been forever changed by the global pandemic but none as abruptly and significantly as travel and events. As companies begin to host live events and incentive travel programs again, many leaders find themselves asking: - How do I know when my audience is ready to travel or gather together? -What location and transportation considerations do I need to keep in mind as I plan? -What ways has COVID-19 changed the operation of live events? -Have other companies started holding events and if so, what do they look like? To address these questions and more, join us for a virtual panel discussion where four industry experts will share current trends, examples and best practices for returning to live events and incentive travel.


The future of work

Work is going to look different in 2021. It’s going to feel different. And unlike last year, where everything changed almost overnight, we have a chance to reset how work happens in an intentional and meaningful way. We have the opportunity to decide what the future of work will look like for our business, our leaders and our teams.


Goals, grit and game-changing strategy

Goal setting is a fundamental part of life. Human nature has us constantly striving to do things better or different than how we did them previously. In business, we use goals as a way to measure and improve the performance of our teams and processes. But setting a goal doesn't always guarantee a result. So how do we set better, more relevant goals and in turn, improve our results?


Live 2.0 | The virtual reinvention of events

Making the leap from live to virtual events doesn’t have to be daunting. Yes, it involves realigning on strategy, a little imagination and a lot of technical coordination. But the possibilities of what can be delivered virtually are almost endless.


Effective virtual recognition

To inspire people, you need to connect in a way that moves them to think, feel or act differently. So how do you create that emotional connection in a primarily virtual environment? Listen to leaders from BIW, Medtronic and ViiV Healthcare as they share how to effectively recognize performance virtually.


Intentional Inspiration

Moments of inspiration have never been more important. Hear Dr. Brad Shuck, University of Louisville, share the latest research on inspiration and intentionality. You'll walk away knowing how to create moments of inspiration for yourself, your teams and your organization.


Operation: Gamification

Gamification can be applied to almost any business scenario that would benefit from attention, engagement and results. Hear Lea Sorrentino, Managing Director of BI WORLDWIDE's Bunchball division, and Christine Jefferson, LMS and Gamification Administrator at Dell Boomi, share their expertise around driving business results using gamification. 


New world. New rules.

This year has brought about significant changes in the way people go to work each day and it's no surprise employees are in need of a little extra inspiration. Hear BIW's latest research on employee engagement and the twelve aspects of work that drive employee effort, commitment and inspiration.


The making of a virtual event: a client and creative perspective

The objective of a virtual event is the same as a live meeting – to make sure your audience understands what you want them to leave knowing, feeling and doing. Hear a behind the scenes discussion with BI WORLDWIDE and Thomson Reuters about the creative process and client perspective needed to execute a memorable virtual event.


Inspiring sales performance amidst disruption

In business, change is inevitable and right now that is more true than ever. What hasn’t changed is the need to drive effort, activity and revenue from your sales teams. That’s where inspiration comes in. Hear sales leaders from BI WORLDWIDE, Motorola Solutions and Change Healthcare share how inspired sales teams drive measurable business results.


Virtual training in a virtual world: the power of content, timing and delivery

More than ever, companies are looking for flexible ways to provide learning and development opportunities for their employees, sales teams and channel partners. Natalie Hurley and Kyle Groves share how to create engaging and adaptable training programs for employees, sales teams and channel partners.


Creating a connection through virtual events

Despite the many changes that have impacted corporate events, one thing remains the same – the need to share your message and create a meaningful connection with your audience. Dawn Martin, BI WORLDWIDE and Amy Teal, Stratasys share how to successfully shift different types of corporate events from in-person to virtual.


Taking the lead on employee wellbeing

With the added disruption businesses are facing, it’s even more difficult to know how to create and sustain a work culture that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of employees. Charlie Heidrick, Ph.D., BI WORLDWIDE and Lianne Jacobs, MPH, Vitality Group share how leaders can support the health and wellbeing of employees.


What's next for sales?

As the world faces the most disruptive health and economic challenges most of us have ever seen, there is no shortage of speculation as to how it will impact both lives and businesses. Dr. Michael Ahearne answers questions and shares his team's research on how to adapt selling strategies for the future.


Leading after furloughs and layoffs

In business, just like in life, there are no guarantees. We plan, innovate and conserve as best we can but there are still times when it’s not enough. We may find ourselves facing an impossible decision – do we let go of the people who work so hard to keep our business alive or do we risk its future entirely? Amy Stern shares the impact of layoffs and furloughs on employees who remain and how their leaders can best support them.


Leading with compassion in times of change

In a world where almost everything is different, leaders are showing up with a new skill set. They’re leading with dignity and inspiring with authenticity. They are relentless in their commitment to unselfish service and humility. They are taking it as an opportunity to live and lead in a new way: with compassion. Hear Dr. Brad Shuck share insights and action for leaders facing today's uncertain times.