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Who we are

Our mission is to turn inspiration into real results for our clients. We understand how to attract, engage and retain employees, run effective sales contests and incentives, build dynamic customer loyalty programs and create impactful corporate events better than anyone else.

And, we have the tools and resources to help your business tap into that knowledge to drive and sustain measurable results.

BI WORLDWIDE's origins are both humble and ingenious. (We like to think that describes us pretty well.) It started with founder Guy Schoenecker discovering innovative ways to provide consumer loyalty programs and incentives to various industries. That idea caught on, big time. It grew into what is now a multinational company serving Global 2000 corporations in 144 countries and more than 20 languages.

In spite of our size, we haven't lost sight of our core purpose: To deliver measurable results that truly have a positive impact for our clients and their businesses.

The business of inspiration

A global company

Our U.S. headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have more than 25 sales offices throughout the U.S. and headquarters around the world in Australia, BrazilCanada, China, India, Latin America, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our worldwide network of offices and partnerships not only give us unmatched local resources but also allow us to deliver culturally-relevant programs and solutions no matter where our customers and their audiences are located. That's priceless.

What makes us different

How did we get to be so good at inspiring people and delivering results? Experience is part of it but it also stems from our unique approach to building solutions. We design and deliver customizable employee, sales, channel, customer and event solutions that are grounded in the science of behavioral economics. In other words, we look at how thought and emotion combine to drive human decisions and behavior. We don't have to guess at what might motivate your employees or customers because we use scientific research and data to determine what will really inspire them. Then we act on it.

We also pride ourselves on being a full-service agency, which means we can offer end-to-end, integrated solutions. Looking for an all-employee recognition system and a way to reward your top sales performers? We can do that. Need to launch a new product at your annual dealer conference and provide training for your corporate employees? We can do that too. Our single focus is not on providing a single solution – it’s on partnering with you to understand where your business is headed and combining our variety of solutions to help you get there.

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