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Channel Sales Solutions

Our platforms and solutions help you build strong, lasting channel partner relationships to support incremental sales, ongoing engagement and loyalty to your brand.

Channel Loyalty l BI WORLDWIDE

Build a network of loyal partners.

  • Channel Engagement l BI WORLDWIDE


    Understand your partners, grab market share and increase revenue with actionable insights.

  • Channel Distribution


    Gain mindshare, build knowledge and drive focus with data-driven messaging and targeted learning.

  • Channel Engagement Step 2 l BI WORLDWIDE


    Selling has gone social, with customers being influenced through new channels that are fluid and fickle. Build advocacy with key influencers.

  • Channel Engagement 


    Creative promotions with compelling rewards drive loyalty. Get your channel emotionally engaged and focused for short and long-term results.

Move your channel from awareness to advocacy.

We don't have to tell you that a channel ecosystem is a veritable obstacle course. You already know what you're up against: cross-channel noise, filtering, intermediaries and gatekeepers are just the beginning. 

Let's break it down. Let's make it simple and straightforward for you to optimize your channel so it works for you — not against you. Would you benefit more from B2B loyalty programs or reseller incentive programs? How can you accelerate return on investment and improve key performance indicators across the entire customer lifecycle? How can you apply behavioral economics to a program design for maximum impact?

Every company is different. We'll find what works for you and turn your channel into a network of your best brand ambassadors.

Produce measurable results in your distribution channel

Build your channel sales strategy.

Explore our customer loyalty marketing platforms

Channel loyalty platforms

Nothing sustains and elevates a brand like authentic customer loyalty. And that starts by building loyalty in your channel with engaging loyalty platforms. 

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Sales Channel Rewards and Incentives

Channel loyalty rewards and incentives

Your distribution channel represents a variety of different brands every day. Let's make your brand as important to your channel representatives as it is to you.

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Dealer Events 

Dealer events

Whether it’s an annual meeting or an exciting new product launch, we create events that help your dealers see how they fit into the big picture.

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Channel Partner Sales Training

Dealer distribution channel learning

We customize learning solutions that inform, engage and educate your entire distribution channel.

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Coalition Marketing Solutions for Foodservice Rewards

Coalition marketing

Innovative marketing strategies designed to turn every customer into a most valuable customer at a fraction of the cost.

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Measure your sales channel performance

Evolve your channel sales strategy with gamification

Motivate true channel partner loyalty with an effective gamification program that taps into their desire to succeed.

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