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Global Expertise

We are the industry-leader in global employee recognition and sales channel solutions.  We offer innovative technology, inspirational awards and world-class local support to more than 6 million participants in 144 countries around the world. Our capabilities and expertise are necessary to truly engage, inspire and influence a global audience.

Global Expertise

We are the Leader in Global Engagement

  • Local and global business teams.

    Local Teams Around the World

    Supporting program stakeholders around the world is essential to program success —that’s why we have more than 1,500 employees around the globe in our strategically located global offices. It’s important to us that we have employees where our customers have participants. Our local teams around the world work directly with local customer teams to ensure global programs are successful both globally and locally.

  • Global Employee Rewards

    Rewards Marketplaces

    If you want to engage a global audience, you need to offer a broad selection of rewards — that’s why our Merchandise & Experiences Marketplaces provide customers with the broadest selection of rewards in the industry. From merchandise and gift cards to experiences and travel, we have it all and fulfill items locally for participants around the world.

  • Global customer service teams

    Local, Insourced Customer Service

    We know that the participant experience is a reflection of our customers’ programs—that’s why we have Participant Support Specialists (who are BIW employees) around the world. They provide customer support in local languages and time zones in every region of the world.

  • Global employee recognition

    Global Employee Recognition

    Employees should feel inspired and recognized no matter where they live. All of our global programs are tailored to each employee through local program design, technology, awards and support. We ensure that locally relevant elements are infused into the global programs we design and deliver. These local elements are used to inspire employees and drive commitment to their company.

  • Global Sales and Channel Incentives

    Global Sales & Channel Incentives

    Whether you are motivating a sales audience in one country or 100, it is crucial that your incentive program design and rewards are locally relevant in order to drive your business objectives – that’s why we have Sales & Channel Specialists around the globe to help our customers design and deliver engaging, proven incentive programs in every region of the world.

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