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Customer Loyalty

Successful customer loyalty requires a truly unique point of view. We focus on driving desired behaviors, optimizing each phase and cultivating real emotional loyalty — no matter what lifecycle stage your customers are in.

Customer Engagement l BI WORLDWDE

We transform customer loyalty into lifecycle optimization.

  • Acquire Customers


    Awareness. Consideration. Trial. Start sowing critical seeds of loyalty.

  • Develop Customers


    Continuity. Onboarding. Growth. Drive the desired behaviors of your most profitable customers.

  • Retain Customers


    Cultivation. Recognition. Retention. Migrate from transactions to relationships.

  • Amplify Customers


    Affinity. Collaboration. Advocacy. Facilitate social engagement and advocacy.

We’re with your customers every step of the way.

BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) pushes customer loyalty to the next level. Our audience-smart, living programs evolve as they engage. They grow as your audience grows. They deliver measurable results quickly. And all of our industry-leading customer loyalty platforms are built around the science-backed principles of behavioral economics.

Let’s work together to identify unique touch-points that drive behavior and increase customer loyalty like never before.

Customer loyalty programs that work

Quantum360: The loyalty marketing platform

Quantum360 is a state-of-the-art loyalty marketing platform that drives sales through consistent, innovative engagement.

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Engage your Customers with Interactive Promotions Solutions

Interactive promotions

When customers participate in branded games, sweepstakes and contests, your brand is the winner.

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Learn about Customer Loyalty Marketing Solutions

Block Unlock

Block Unlock® is a gamified system designed to drive engagement, lifecycle progression and behavior change.

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Brand merchandise

Efficient marketing boils down to cost per impression. Branded merchandise puts more eyes on your brand with less financial investment.

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Build loyalty with gamification

Gamification in loyalty programs turns casual visitors into loyal customers. Leverage the latest research on human motivation and data generated by your customers to create true customer loyalty.

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Experiential Marketing

We ground our creative strategy in data to curate live brand experiences that resonate with your target audience in memorable ways, turning them into measurable business results.

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