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Employee Engagement

Let's create a powerful employee engagement and rewards program that inspires your employees to love what they do and the brand they do it for.

BI WORLDWIDE Employee Engagement

Make every moment count.


    Show prospective employees the heart of your business. Getting to know your mission, values, culture and plan for the future will help them see how they'd fit into the bigger picture.


    Make an impression from day one. Help new employees feel like they're already part of the team with a personal welcome and a clear training path.


    Not every day is going to be great. But if you show employees day in and day out the work they're doing matters, it will become so much more than a job.


    Recognize employees who give their best each day. Anniversaries and big accomplishments deserve to be more than noticed - they deserve to be celebrated.


    Your best employees stay for a reason. Encourage them to spread the word that your company is a great place to work.

Attracting, engaging and retaining the best employees starts here.

Your brand is a magnet. What kind of people does it attract? Awesome brands attract top talent (and eager customers) by knowing exactly what they have to offer and staying true to that each day. 

So what does your brand stand for? What makes it unique? Ask those questions. Then use the answers as the foundation for your employee value proposition (EVP).

The result: A better magnet. It’s not about attracting more people. It’s about attracting the right people, whose passions and values align with your company.

Of course, attraction is just the beginning. Your brand needs to live up to that employee value proposition. Every. Single. Day. When you keep your promise, those great candidates will turn into great employees. They’ll show up every day highly engaged and give their best. Why? Because they believe in your brand wholeheartedly. They’re passionate about it the way you are and they’ll go to great lengths to help it succeed.

When brands get it right, the impact is powerful, not just for employees but for customers too. That’s because customer experiences will rarely exceed that of employee experiences. Translation: Happy, loyal, passionate employees = Happy, loyal, passionate customers.

That’s the bottom line. And that’s our promise to you. Let’s create value for your business by first creating value for your employees.

We’ll help bring your employee value proposition to life through:

  • Onboarding programs
  • Employee and manager training
  • Communication strategies & campaigns
  • Employer branding
  • Recognition & rewards
  • Service anniversary awards
  • Corporate meetings & events
  • Employee surveys & program measurement

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Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition and Employee Rewards

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Develop diversity & inclusion

Work is not always structured in a way that makes it easy to be equitable and inclusive. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of behavior-change solutions to help leaders, managers and employees alike.

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Dr. Brad Shuck on Employee Engagement

Redefine how you define employee engagement today.

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