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Employee Recognition Reduces Turnover by 17%.

Jun 22, 2016 Minneapolis, Minn.

Minneapolis, Minn.: BI WORLDWIDE (BIW), a global engagement agency and leader in employee recognition solutions, reveals new insights drawn from customer programs showing recognition has a significant impact on employee retention.

BIW examined data from over 23,000 employees, all of whom had been active in a company-wide recognition program for at least six months prior to 2015. The analysis focused on the amount and frequency of recognition received by employees prior to 2015 compared to the percentage of employee turnover in 2015-2016. Key findings include:

  • Recognition matters. Turnover is 17.7% less among employees receiving at least one recognition message throughout their eligible program tenure.
  • Frequency also matters. A 10% reduction in turnover is seen between employees who are rarely recognized compared to those who are frequently recognized. In this analysis, rarely is defined as receiving 0-1 recognition per month and frequently is defined as receiving 3-4 recognitions per month.
  • Including an award doesn’t hurt either. Turnover is four times higher among employees who rarely (less than once per month) receive award points with their recognition messages compared to those who receive them frequently (once or more per month).

“With the war for talent becoming more and more competitive, the top challenge HR leaders are facing is employee turnover,” says John O’Brien, Vice President of Employee Performance at BIW. “Focusing on strategies like recognition that make employees stay in their jobs longer is invaluable. Nobody wants to lose a good employee.”


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