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It's Time To "Glocalize" Your Employee Engagement Program

Nov 20, 2014

Written by: Jeff Beegle
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“Glocalization” joins globalization and localization together — and is quickly emerging as the new standard in global marketing. Learn how BI WORLDWIDE can help glocalize your global programs. 

Localize Employee Engagement Solutions 


Today’s world market has become a multifaceted combination of local markets. And the chance to tap into those local markets with smart "glocalization" strategies is here. Download this article to discover how you can glocalize your global programs. 

It's Time to "Glocalize" Your Employee Engagement Program

“Glocalization” joins globalization and localization together — and is quickly emerging as the new standard in global marketing.

Found in written translations, local communications, graphic treatments or consumer buying trends, it’s a process in which:
• local factors are integrated into an overall marketing strategy, built from the ground up
• cultural, linguistic and ethnic factors are simultaneously merged into a unified marketing solution
• all intended markets receive a stake in the overall process.

Glocalization especially rings true with multinational corporations (MNCs) interested in developing a global strategy for employee engagement. These companies must consider local attributes like market conditions, product availability, language, buying trends and wages in their global strategy.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we call our version of glocalization “Core + Delta.” Core
represents the universal components in a global strategy that can be communicated
consistently across all markets. “Core” elements can include branding, signage and, in
some cases, foundational values. “Delta” then localizes the global strategy — making
relevant local adaptations to ensure that the product or service is on target, appealing
and always meaningful.

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Jeff Beegle

Vice President

Jeff is currently responsible for all BI WORLDWIDE operations outside the US, including Australia, Canada, China, India, Latin America, Singapore and the United Kingdom. He has been instrumental in building out and deploying BIW’s services on global and local basis. Jeff has nearly 30 years’ experience in the Marketing and Performance Improvement industry. He has held Director Positions on the board of the Incentive Marketing Association, as well as the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement at Northwestern University. He is a former President of the Performance Improvement Council in the US and created the Global Recognition Council as President of this international membership association.