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Host an Unforgettable Employee Meeting

Apr 15, 2015

Use the principles of behavioral economics and award-winning creative to engage employees, channel partners, and customers with corporate meetings and events. 


Behavioral economists are proving that emotions are powerful motivators and attaching an emotion to a message is a surefire way to guarantee it’s remembered.

Meetings remain a valuable sales and marketing tool in a constantly changing marketplace but it’s getting more and more difficult to break through the clutter and capture the attention of your audience. Behavioral economists are proving that emotions are powerful motivators a and attaching an emotion to a message is a surefire way to guarantee it’s remembered. Use the following principles of behavioral economics to add impact to your next event – and make it hard to forget.

Vividness Effect:

People remember things that are vivid. The best examples of this are
when you are able to connect facts or information you want people to
remember to a visual that is hard to forget. In addition to visual reinforcement,
other tactics like music, sound effects, colorful language and high-impact
experiences that get people talking are also great examples of vividness.

Goal Setting:

People are natural goal-setters. Keep that in mind when planning your agenda.
While ensuring that you communicate your company’s goals at your meeting, be sure
to consider the goals of those in the audience. What do they hope to accomplish at
the meeting? How about after the event? The goals that are set at your meeting can
be powerful motivators for weeks and months to come.

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