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WEBINAR: Leading after furloughs and layoffs

May 13, 2020

Amy Stern shares the impact of layoffs and furloughs on employees who remain and how their leaders can best support them.

In business, just like in life, there are no guarantees. We plan, innovate and conserve as best we can but there are still times when it’s not enough. We may find ourselves facing an impossible decision – do we let go of the people who work so hard to keep our business alive or do we risk its future entirely?

Workforce reductions of any kind are not taken lightly. The pain is real for both the employer and its employees. But often the decision is made with the intent to preserve as many jobs as possible. As leaders, these are the jobs we need to focus on protecting after we’ve taken care of exiting employees.

Amy Stern, Managing Director of Research and Strategy at BI WORLDWIDE, shares:

  • The impact layoffs and furloughs have on employees who remain
  • What aspects of work are most changed after workforce reductions occur
  • How leaders can best support employees through this transition

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Amy Stern

Managing Director, Research and Strategy

Amy Stern is the Managing Director of Research and Strategy at BI WORLDWIDE. Her research has resulted in peer-reviewed publications, invited lectures, research awards, and faculty positions at two universities. Amy’s deep understanding of employee experimental psychology allows her to combine critical thinking and creativity to create custom research that uniquely solves clients' business questions. She advises companies on how to create a happy workforce by identifying what is important to employees, even if the employee cannot quite put a finger on it.