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Inspire 21

Change happens one small step at a time. With Inspire 21, use science-based MicroActions to drive change tailored to your business.

How better habits drive better performance

Dave Brailsford had a problem.

He had just been hired to be the head of the British cycling team.

The team was awful.

They were so bad that bicycle manufacturers hesitated to provide them with equipment because they feared being associated with a perennially losing team would hurt their brand.

They were that bad.

But Dave had a plan.

He knew developing a winning team wouldn’t happen overnight. He also knew what each team member could do to improve and he planted a powerful idea in their heads about how they would do it: Improve every day by just one percent.

That may seem like a modest goal but here’s the math—if you take on some activity and improve one percent every day, after one year your improvement will have accumulated to over 35%!

Dave Brailsford turned around the British cycling team from a national embarrassment to Olympic winners and he did so by helping each member of his team make small improvements over a longer period of time. He helped them develop better habits.

The same principles that brought the British cycling team to greatness can be applied in the world of work.

To help our clients, BI WORLDWIDE has partnered with behavioral learning and development software company ProHabits to create Inspire 21, a unique way of helping employees develop better habits around key business issues.

Using the best of intrinsic and extrinsic insights from behavioral science, Inspire 21 uses proven MicroActions to nurture and guide employees toward habits that benefit their organization.

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Give Inspire 21 a try and get five (5) daily activities delivered to you by email and/or text. To start your one percent improvement journey, enter your contact information, then choose from one of the leadership topics below: 

  • Inspiring your sales team
  • Creating an inclusive workplace
  • Building a culture of recognition

Change happens one small step at a time. Let Inspire 21 help you build world-class performance, starting today.