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Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness is critical to employee success. We help seamlessly integrate your wellness initiatives into a comprehensive employee reward and recognition strategy. The payoff is priceless.

Employee Engagement through Employee Wellness Programs 

Without health, nothing else matters.

Why do the leading experts in employee engagement care about wellness? Because we believe that employee wellness is an integral part of employee engagement.

Wellness isn’t just about exercise. It’s about the entire mind-body spectrum. It’s about improving health, sharpening focus and increasing energy. The fact that a healthier team means reduced health care costs for the organization — that’s simply a bonus.

We’re not the first strategists to advocate for wellness programs, but our approach is singularly effective. How do we do it? We apply the principles of behavioral economics to align the right rewards, right guidelines and right communications in order to drive behavior change.

And we’re not talking about rice cakes and push-up drills, either. Our employee wellness philosophy focuses on engagement through awareness, fun, encouragement and support — not on penalties. People are more likely to stick with wellness programs that they enjoy.

Let’s get moving. 

Let's work together to inspire your employees.

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