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Equity & Inclusion

The path to a more equitable and inclusive work culture isn’t always clear. But with inclusion research, recognition and manager advisor tools, as well as training, behavioral nudges and progress rewards, we’ll help you move from strategy to action and create real culture change.  

Better together.

Companies and researchers around the world overwhelmingly agree: Inclusive and equitable organizations are more innovative, profitable and better places to work. Helping all employees feel valued and included is also just the right thing to do.  

But what does it mean to have an equitable and inclusive workplace? And how do you go from talking about it to actually creating it?  

For starters, it means supporting each individual employee to achieve their full potential and acknowledging that what one person needs may be very different from another. It also means valuing, respecting and supporting employees for their unique identities, backgrounds, perspectives and work styles. Oftentimes inclusion sounds like: “I belong here” or “This is a place I’d like to stay.”  

The challenge? Work is not always structured in a way that makes it easy to be equitable and inclusive. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of behavior-change solutions to help leaders, managers and employees alike.   

Equity and Inclusion Advisor:  

Individualized manager insights for more equitable and inclusive recognition. 

By synthesizing all recognition activity and distilling it into clear, need-to-know feedback, managers can take action with just one click. They’ll be informed about their team’s activity, distribution of recognition and points, and individuals at risk for isolation. The best part? Insights will be individualized to their own unique strengths and opportunities in equity and inclusion. Equity and Inclusion Advisor makes large-scale behavior change manageable by limiting the number of suggestions each manager receives and focusing on positive progress, not correcting past behavior.

Equity and Inclusion Communications: 

Your how-to guide for using recognition to promote inclusive behaviors. 

One of the most effective ways of prompting culture change is through a company-wide recognition system, like DayMaker. But for it to be successful, employees and managers need to know about it – and be reminded of it often. This strategic communication strategy allows you to reinforce a common language around equity and inclusion, show employees what equitable and inclusive behavior looks like and teach people how to use recognition to support your culture goals.

Employee and manager training: 

Learning designed to unite and inspire.    

Provide training for employees and managers on how to recognize and reward equitably and inclusively. While most organizations now have policies and training on DEI, these learning modules close a critical gap by teaching the why and how of DEI as it applies to recognition and rewards. Not only will this help employees find a common ground and language for equity and inclusion, but it will also reinforce what DEI means for your workplace and build recognition and culture skills to support it. With this robust training content, you’ll establish a solid leadership and change management foundation for the future.

Inclusion Index: 

A quick employee pulse survey measuring 10 aspects of belonging.  

Based on global research around feelings of belonging in the workplace (and updated annually to include ever-changing aspects of work), this 3-minute validated pulse survey is designed to help companies identify areas of opportunity and measure progress. Not only does it provide data around where you are today, it also gives direction on how to take action for the future.

Manager nudges: 

A 21-day program designed to change everyday habits and activities.   

Managers play a vital role in any culture change initiative. Empower them in their own personal journey to adopt more equitable and inclusive practices. Through a daily dose of learning and inspiration mixed with rewards, they’ll become your best stewards for turning strategy into action and accountability. 

Let’s work together to inspire daily actions that create real culture change and a better workplace for all.

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