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The New Rules of Engagement

What do your best employees value most? You don’t have to become a mind-reader. You just need the right tools that deliver actionable insights.

Finding the perfect fit starts here.

Every business has a different culture. To beat the competition, build a team of employees who thrive in yours. First, you need to understand what it’s really like to work for your company. What makes your employees excited to come to work each day? What things do you offer that they could care less about? They’ll tell you – just ask. Then use that insight to develop your unique employee value proposition (EVP) and leverage it to build a team that’s as invested in your brand as you are.

So where do you start? With BI WORLDWIDE’s New Rules of Engagement.

Through extensive global research and real-world application, BI WORLDWIDE has determined the 12 factors that have the greatest influence on employees’ relationships with their companies. Understanding which of those 12 factors are most important to your employees is critical in developing your EVP. Perhaps #5 is tops: Be a “cool” place to work. Or maybe your best employees think #8 is non-negotiable: See their future.

It couldn’t be simpler to uncover which factors matter most to your team members. The New Rules of Engagement survey asks employees a series of questions relating to the 12 rules. The results speak volumes about their priorities and become the foundation for your unique EVP.

The survey is just part of BI WORLDWIDE’s full spectrum of tools and support that make it easy to develop and implement your EVP. And a thoughtfully planned, meticulously executed EVP is the secret sauce that attracts, engages and retains the best employees for your business.

Let’s build your dream team.

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