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EVP Strategy

To stay competitive, leading employers are getting real about what it takes to attract and retain top talent – beyond pay and benefits. And what they’re leveraging is a thoughtfully crafted, seamlessly executed employee value proposition (EVP) strategy.

Build a team as invested in your brand as you are.

Why should talented, productive, passionate people join your company?

And if exceptional people do join your company, why should they stay?

Your mind might be swirling with answers like: “Decent pay. Good benefits. Potential to advance. Nice boss.”

While you’re on the right track, none of those are enough to set you apart in today’s job market. You need to get to the heart, soul and DNA of your business – who you are, what you stand for and the total work experience you offer your employees.

At BI WORLDWIDE, we’ve elevated our extensive employee engagement research and practice to take a broader look at the employer/employee relationship, considering every interaction an employee – or potential employee – might have with your brand. Not only does this help you formulate a more comprehensive strategy, it’s centered on your unique EVP to attract and retain the best people for your company.

Don’t think you have an EVP? You do, whether it’s been formalized or not. You’re already sending a message to current and potential employees about your company’s values and priorities.

To beat the competition, you need to do everything you can to understand that EVP. Strengthen it. Develop it. If necessary, transform it.


We’re here to help. Here’s how: 


Research, listen, analyze & refine.

We start with a thorough investigation, talking to everyone from top leadership to the front lines and even alumni and potential candidates. Using our proprietary New Rules of Engagement survey, we dive deep to get the real story on what your employees value most. And that’s just the beginning. We review social channels. We audit competitor positioning. And we perform a comprehensive audit of communications and marketing. (Did we say it was thorough? It’s thorough.) The result: an EVP Executive Playbook summarizing our research and recommendations.



Position your EVP and express it through your employer brand.

Once you know where you stand, you can adjust and strengthen your EVP to better reflect where you’d like to go, then share it with the world through your employer brand. This is your unique story, told with strategically chosen words, phrases, visuals and experiences based on your EVP. The narrative we create together communicates your brand both internally and externally, using a consistent and powerful voice that says: This is who we are. An authentic employer brand acts like a magnet for people who are an optimal fit for your company—and it also deters people who aren’t a match.



Get the word out and own it.

So now you’ve turned the idea of your EVP into a compelling narrative that resonates with the right people, in the right places. Now it’s time to live it out each day, through every touchpoint someone has with your brand. A fully activated EVP controls the conversation—starting from the first moment a candidate begins to consider your company. As the right candidates join your team and experience your EVP every day, they become engaged, loyal, passionate brand advocates. That’s priceless. Our proven suite of strategies includes onboarding, employee and manager training, recognition and rewards, meetings and events, service anniversary awards, employee referral programs and much more.

For an unbeatable edge, build an unbeatable team. From morale to productivity to your bottom line, everything works better when you attract and retain the right people.

Let’s make it happen.  

Build an effective EVP strategy today.

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