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Mastery Marketplace

Learning unlocks access, opportunities and joy.

Mastery Marketplace gives your employees, salespeople, channel partners and customers the opportunity to upskill, try something new or dive deeper into their passions.

The act of learning is one of the most gratifying and exciting experiences in life.

At BI WORLDWIDE, it's our goal to inspire the people that impact your business with the most innovative and motivating rewards possible.

From cooking courses to language programs, music lessons to health and wellness sessions, Mastery Marketplace has relevant classes from the biggest names in the industry.

Don't just reward. Enrich.

Unlock a suite of potential.

Access to the learning tools and services that allow growth and mastery is one of the most crucial resources an organization can offer:

  • 90% of employees say career well-being resources are important or essential

  • Employees who say their jobs allow them to master skills that are important to them are 15x more likely to feel inspired at work.

  • Those employees are twice as likely to feel they belong at their organizations.

Here are some of the learning categories your employees can access through Mastery Marketplace:

Bring the thrill of learning to your audience.


Content designed to help everyone gain the skills needed to excel in their current role or prepare for the one they want.

Personal Development

Online classes taught by the world’s best, designed to satisfy the natural curiosity of lifelong learners in categories such as business, writing, food, arts & entertainment, etc.


An alliance of the leading online music education companies from around the world offer lessons from master musicians for everything from mandolin, piano to electronic music production.


Offering 61 languages from Afrikaans to Vietnamese, tailored to different learning styles; whether participants like a traditional approach, practicing on-the-go, lessons specific to kids or interacting in a VR environment.


From online personal training and yoga to brain fitness apps based on scientific research.  Participants can download the apps to access anywhere.

Are your employees ready to learn more? Class is in session.

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