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About Bunchball

Beginning as the pioneer in gamification, Bunchball is now the industry-leading gamification platform that combines behavioral economics, big data and game mechanics to engage audiences and inspire loyalty that lasts.

In April 2018, Bunchball was purchased by BI WORLDWIDE.

Bunchball, the world leader in gamification technology, launched the gamification industry in 2007 with the introduction of Bunchball Nitro, the first technology platform to integrate game mechanics into non-game digital experiences. Since then, millions of people have completed more than five billion challenges powered by Bunchball Nitro, the leader in enterprise gamification platforms. We’ve proven that effective gamification can create measurable ROI and real business value.

Why Bunchball?

Because Bunchball Nitro pairs the most advanced gamification technology with the deepest expertise to power employee engagement and customer loyalty and deliver real, measurable results.

Bunchball motivates millions of people to take action every day. Using our gamification platform, our clients’ customers, employees, online communities and partners do more, learn more and share more in ways that matter to their business.

Bunchball is the leader in gamification.

  • Bunchball launched the gamification industry in 2007 with the introduction of Nitro, the first gamification platform, and continues to lead with 5+ years of R&D and over 400 implementations.
  • Millions of people have completed more than 5 billion challenges on our proven, flexible, scalable, secure cloud platform.
  • More than 300 companies use Bunchball Nitro to amplify their success and gain a competitive advantage by motivating employees and engaging customers.
  • Strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Jive, SAP and more leading companies attest to the success of our approach.
  • Bunchball has been recognized among the top 10 most Innovative Companies in 2012 by Fast Company and received best use of gamification and best new application awards at industry conferences.
  • Bunchball works with businesses to help them and their team members achieve goals. With some of our clients being new to gamification, we strive to educate clients to help them understand what gamification is at its core.
  • Our platform uses game principles that are easily applied to a corporate environment.

Bunchball Nitro is the most advanced gamification engine.

  • Nitro Studio design console makes it easy for program administrators to create, measure and deploy a gamification strategy and individual or team challenges directly from a desktop or any mobile device.
  • Pre-built gamification components can be quickly added to applications, websites and social networks. Choose to include profiles, challenges, levels, badges, leaderboards, analytics, recognition, newsfeeds or launch an online store for rewards redemption.
  • A robust rules engine enables targeted individual and group goal-setting, competition and rewards. Easily create personally motivating experiences based on role, geography, past behavior and many other attributes.
  • A powerful analytics engine provides immediate, deep insight into user behaviors and campaign performance, including pre-configured and custom reports, on-demand extracts and scheduled reports.
  • A flexible recognition engine empowers companies to define rules around how users from different locations, roles and departments can interact with peers in a meaningful way.
  • Deep integrations with Salesforce, Jive and SAP plus a full library of connectors make it easy to gamify your infrastructure for a seamless and rewarding user experience.
  • Bunchball Go is a highly configurable, brand ready Progressive Web Application built for quickly standing up your program without code. Bunchball Go is equipped with user management including SSO and push notifications to reach your users on any device.

Bunchball has the deepest gamification expertise.

  • Our innovative solutions draw from the most successful gamification deployments in the world.
  • With expertise in a range of disciplines, we’re ready to design, measure and implement the ideal strategy for your organization.
  • Successful gamification starts with a plan and our digital strategy team will help you define business objectives, identify desired behaviors and create an outstanding experience.
  • Knowing what you know and how to amplify your success is a result of a measurement and learning plan developed with our expert analytics team.
  • Your partner from idea to outcome—Bunchball’s experts provide dedicated account management, technical support and educational services from planning to launch to follow-up.

Bunchball has the best execution track record.

Our customers have applied gamification to diverse challenges and measured real results:

  • Drive social media activity among employees: Bunchball customers have seen an 80% increase in blog traffic from social media, a 45% increase in website traffic and a 57% increase in internal social network activity.
  • Teach people to use complex software products: Bunchball customers have seen a 4x increase in adoption and conversions from free trial to purchase.
  • Train call center agents: Bunchball customers have seen a reduction in onboarding time from 4 weeks to 14 hours and boosted customer satisfaction by 9%.
  • Engage employees with an internal portal: Bunchball customers have seen a 416% increase in engagement.

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In April 2018, Bunchball was acquired by BI WORLDWIDE, a Minneapolis-based rewards and recognition company. Click to view open roles for Bunchball and BI WORLDWIDE.

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