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Bunchball Nitro

Engage employees and motivate sales teams with Bunchball Nitro, the leading enterprise gamification platform.

Bunchball Nitro, BI WORLDWIDE’s cloud-based platform, is specifically designed to help enterprise-level organizations tap into the power of gamification by taking game techniques we know and love – missions, points, badges and leaderboards – and incorporating them into work environments.

Created to deliver a seamless solution, Bunchball Nitro helps companies face their most common engagement challenges:

  • Integration – Bunchball Nitro is system agnostic, so it can seamlessly connect to anywhere you want engagement.
  • Analytics – Bunchball Nitro has industry-leading data insights.
  • Safe – The platform keeps your data secure by providing enterprise-level encryption.
  • Grow – Bunchball Nitro brings a scalable approach to gamification, so it can handle any size project.
  • Recognize – Recognize employees with both peer-to-peer recognition and manager recognition.
  • Customize – Nitro allows you to easily manage your program according to your specific needs and strategy. We know gamification; you know your users.

What is gamification?

Our seamless and agnostic integration experience makes Bunchball Nitro an excellent solution for gamifying any LMS, CRM, social collaboration tool, intranet, partner channel or performance management tool. As a pioneer and industry leader, Bunchball Nitro has exclusive partnerships with:

CMS.png SAP SuccessFactors Learning
Bunchball Nitro for SAP SuccessFactors Learning is part of the core functionality of the SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management system you’re already using. Tracking learning completions and other behaviors such as course enrollment, launching, sharing and recommedations requires no additional installation. All you have to do it configure your SAP SuccessFactors Learning to integrate with Bunchball Nitro, which can be done in minutes.
LMS.png SAP Jam
Nitro for SAP Jam helps you avoid the Achilles heel of social software: getting people to use it. Pre-built components and proven program designs quickly bring new members into the conversation and keep them engaged.
CRM.png Jive
The Jive Advanced Gamification Module, powered by Bunchball, puts the most advanced gamification engine inside your Jive social business platform, and motivates employees, partners, and customers to join, learn, and contribute in meaningful ways.


Where do you need to level up?

  • Intranet – Increase engagement by up to 416%.
  • Social media – See an 80% increase in blog traffic from social media and a 57% increase in internal social network activity.
  • Software adoption – Customers have seen a 4x increase in adoption and conversions from free trial to purchase.
  • Onboarding – Reduce onboarding time from 4 weeks to 14 hours.

Because true gamification is data-driven, businesses can monitor the performance of gamification initiatives amongst employees. However, not all gamification solutions are the same. Many vendors lack robust features. It’s critical to partner with a gamification vendor who has the expertise and experience of working with gamification in the workplace. An innovative gamification platform – like Bunchball Nitro – can capture relevant data and put the strategic insights into action. 



Bunchball’s Nitro platform is covered by one or more of U.S. Patent 8,768,764 and U.S. Patent 9,779,421.

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