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Introducing Windfall VR

Oct 06, 2017

An immersive experience that captures all the thrills of Warehouse Windfall in an ultra-cool, virtual reality portable platform. 

Warehouse Windfall is a game-changer—and we just changed the game again. Introducing Windfall VR, a virtual reality version of our wildly popular award experience.

Winners race the clock to “grab” as many awards as possible in a thrilling virtual world.

Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Exercise total control over the budget.
  • Customize and brand the virtual environment.
  • Record and livestream winner experiences to build  excitement.

Ready for unreal results? Let’s do this.

Unreal experience. Real rewards.

Give your employees the reward of a lifetime.

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Warehouse Windfall is the ultimate sales incentive experience.