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Warehouse Windfall

Take sales incentives for top performers to the next level with Warehouse Windfall. Motivate your sales force with the opportunity to earn a once-in-a-lifetime run through a warehouse packed full of high-end merchandise. 

Warehouse Windfall is the ultimate sales incentive experience. 

Motivation you can see and feel.

Chances are good that at some point in your life, you’ve dreamt of going on a guilt-free shopping spree. Warehouse Windfall is an award experience unlike any other that rewards participants by turning that dream into a reality. Your top performers will earn the chance to run through our warehouse full of merchandise ranging from electronics, to luxury jewelry and handbags, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, kids' toys and everything in between.

We’ll start by deploying targeted communications to promote the opportunity and generate measurable sales lift during the earning period. You won’t just be funding a silly pipe dream; you’ll be generating real ROI…and undeniable buzz.

Once the incentive period is over, we’ll bring your top earners to the warehouse on our corporate campus for a day they’ll never forget. They’ll leave energized, engaged and ready to take on the next challenge you send their way.

Let’s treat your top performers to an unbeatable experience… and your bottom line to a significant lift. 

An ultimate reward experience

And now, we can bring the warehouse to you. 

Warehouse Windfall is a game-changer—and we just changed the game again. Introducing Windfall VR, a virtual reality version of our wildly popular award experience.

Winners race the clock to “grab” as many awards as possible in a thrilling virtual world.

Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Exercise total control over the budget.
  • Customize and brand the virtual environment.
  • Record and livestream winner experiences to build excitement.

Immersive. Portable. Flexible. Outrageously cool. 

Ready for unreal results? Let's do this. 

Unreal experience. Real rewards.