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GoalQuest® Application available for use on ADP’s Marketplace

Dec 18, 2017

GoalQuest® helps companies and employees drive productivity for sales and non-sales employees. The latest GoalQuest® application is available for use on ADP’s Marketplace—the first ever cloud-based app ecosystem for the HCM industry— beginning December 18, 2017.

BI WORLDWIDE today announced the availability of GoalQuest for download on ADP® Marketplace to help companies drive productivity for sales and non-sales employees.

GoalQuest is a patented rules structure with extraordinary impact. Using the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation and all-or-nothing achievement, GoalQuest drives productivity across an entire audience. To date, over 1,000,000 participants have experienced a GoalQuest program and clients have seen as much as a 60% increase in sales after launching a GoalQuest program.  ADP customers will be able to access GoalQuest directly from the ADP Marketplace to check progress throughout the duration of the program.  In addition to offering easy access via single sign-on, the ADP integration will ease the process of providing hierarchy and program user information.

The app on the ADP Marketplace is similar to a traditional GoalQuest program but has the added advantage of integrating with ADP Vantage HCM, making it easy to sync GoalQuest with ADP’s employee details and organizational data. This means managers can become better coaches by accessing the commitments of their entire employee base, having line of site to progress toward individual GoalQuest incentive goals and utilizing planning tools to help guide their team to success. In addition, users can connect to the GoalQuest program directly from within the ADP Vantage site.

GoalQuest joins an ever-growing lineup of critical HCM and business applications that enable employers to optimize decision-making by seamlessly integrating workforce data across their company through secure ADP application programming interfaces (APIs).

Beth Sundberg, Vice President, Technology, BI WORLDWIDE, stated, “Our integration with ADP ensures an easy transfer of employee data in order to launch our patented GoalQuest programs. It also gives users a better experience.  We’re excited about this integration that allows us to more quickly help organizations impact their bottom line.”

ADP Marketplace is a cloud-based “one-stop-shop” designed to help employers dynamically manage an ecosystem of enterprise applications from ADP and world-class partners. This enables companies of all sizes to extend the value of their workforce solutions across their entire organizations via a secure, single-sign-on process.

According to the ADP Research Institute®, the typical large company operates more than 31 separate HR applications and 33 payroll systems*. Many HR systems currently lack the ability to share workforce data with each other and with other core business systems. Today’s constantly evolving business environment requires a digital enterprise application shopping experience and data integration capabilities across solutions to drive meaningful business productivity.

“Many companies struggle to integrate core HCM and business applications. ADP Marketplace empowers employers to overcome that challenge so they can focus on boosting their business agility and their employees’ success,” said Don Weinstein, Chief Strategy Officer, ADP. “BI WORLDWIDE’s clients can access pre-integrated workforce data in real-time through one intuitive platform while tapping into a growing ecosystem of trusted HCM apps to meet their evolving business needs.”

* Source: ADP Research Institute®, 2015. 2015 Global Human Capital Management Decision-Makers Survey. “Harnessing Big Data: The Human Capital Management Journey to Achieving Business Growth

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