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The impact of inspiring rewards on employee motivation

Sep 05, 2019

Written by: John O'Brien, VP of Employee Performance, BI WORLDWIDE
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The results are in: Rewards boost performance, loyalty and happiness by motivating employees – and they positively impact your bottom line.

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But the questions still remain: What kind of reward is most effective? Do certain rewards work harder and last longer than others? Can a reward motivate employees and inspire them to become their very best?

The answer is yes. Download our guide to find out how.

Learn how to motivate employees through inspiring rewards. Download

Download the guide.


John O'Brien

Vice President
Employee Performance Group

As Vice President of BI WORLDWIDE’s Employee Performance Group, John O’Brien’s primary focus is to develop employee engagement strategies and solutions that change the behaviors of employees to align with customers’ business objectives. An expert in Employee Recognition Strategy, he educates HR professionals around the world on how to best engage their employees through employee engagement strategies, solutions and best practices.

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