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Sales incentives

With a lot of effort going into designing and delivering sales incentive programs, make sure you're working to build something that gets maximum response at minimum expense.

We help create strategic and engaging sales incentive programs to help your sales team go from good to great.

Think you've seen what your sales team is capable of? Think again.

When it comes to motivating your sales reps, even a generous comp plan can only get you so far. The best sales incentives go above and beyond compensation, pushing reps to stretch their performance and rewarding them for the extra effort.

But the problem with most incentives is nearly half of the money spent on them goes to waste – and it’s hard to know which half. At BI WORLDWIDE, we design sales incentives that get maximum response at minimum expense.

Our goal with every incentive? To drive more effort. More activity. And more sales.

We do this by:

  • Tapping into inspiration and emotion, offering desirable rewards like high-end merchandise, experiences and travel
  • Setting sales goals that connect back to the purpose of the incentive program and overall business objectives
  • Engaging middle performers, where the biggest opportunity for growth exists

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Whether you need to onboard new reps, focus your sales team on a new product launch or drive a fast finish to the quarter or year, we'll help you reach your sales goals with customizable, personalized sales incentive programs like SalesMaker, GoalQuest® and Windfall VR. We can also help pave a clear path to success by pairing an engaging sales incentive program with sales training, gamification, progress reports and data visualization.

Harness the power of your sales team with incentives that inspire.

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