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The Ultimate Guide to Effective Sales Compensation

Understanding where and how much to invest in each area of your sales compensation plan can make the difference between a high-performing and an average sales team.

Build a better sales compensation portfolio. 

We set out to determine how successful organizations are investing in their sales teams. The questions we sought to answer in this study:

  • What does a high-performing sales compensation portfolio look like? 
  • Which levers work best to drive revenue, retention and customer satisfaction?
  • Beyond salary and commissions, which investments are currently paying off? 

Our survey of 575 sales compensation experts returned a clear picture of how sales organizations are using salary, commission, benefits, cash and non-cash incentives and recognition to drive performance. 

Understanding where and how much to invest in each area of your comp plan can make the difference between high-performing and average sales teams.

Click the link below to download the compelling results of our survey.

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